2021 ARPH Calendar


$15 each with FREE shipping to US and Canada!!

(Order 2 or more calendars shipping to the same address and save 5%)

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who tackle this gigantic project each year. This year's beautiful calendar features 89 rescued Aussies as well as the 11 Dog of the Year entries.

Many thanks to all the adopters and foster homes who submitted photos of their special dogs! We couldn't do it without you! Every dog entered in our casting call is somewhere in the calendar.


No need to go to a bookstore to find your 2021 calendar; this is the one you MUST buy!

In fact, you will NOT find this calendar in your local store.  It is only available here on the ARPH Website or on eBay.


There are 3 ways you can purchase these beautiful calendars: eBay, PayPal or US Mail

(Details for each below. Orders from outside the US need to be placed through Paypal or US Mail.)

Order using the ARPH eBay Store

Order using Paypal

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to pay with your PayPal account or major Credit Card

Please follow these instructions to ensure your order is completed correctly and without delay:

WHEN PAYING WITH PAYPAL YOU WILL NEED TO CALCULATE YOUR TOTAL COST ($15 per calendar minus 5% if ordering 2 or more calendars plus 6% sales tax if you are in Pennsylvania). See the Sample below.

If you are located outside the US or Canada, please reach out to [email protected] for shipping cost.
PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP/POSTAL CODE, PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL IN THE 'Add a Note' or 'Add Special Instructions to Seller'. (See sample below). THIS INFORMATION IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY EMAILED TO US. If you do not include your mailing address when submitting payment, it will delay your order. Thank you!
Please remember to include:
*How many calendars you are purchasing
*Your mailing address
*Your email address
*PA buyers please add 6% sales tax

Sample order using Paypal

2 calendars = $30
5% discount for 2 or more calendars = $1.50
NON PA resident total price =$28.50

PA sales tax @ 6% = $1.71
PA resident total price = $30.21
Instructions to Seller:
2 calendars
Jane Doe
14 Street Address
City, State/Prov
Postal Code
[email protected]

Order using US Mail

Please remember to include:
*How many calendars you are purchasing
*Include your mailing address
*PA buyers please add 6% sales tax


You may mail your order along with a personal check, money order or cashier's check made out to ARPH to:
ARPH 2021 Calendar
c/o A. Braid
1546 Lakeside Dr.
Allen, TX 75002



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