How ARPH Can Help Place Your Aussie

Owners wishing ARPH's assistance in placing their Australian Shepherd should complete the listing form below. After ARPH receives the completed form, it will be sent to the rescue representative who handles your area and who will then follow up with you.

Due to ARPH's limited foster space for dogs needing adoption, we may ask that you keep your dog until we either have foster space for the dog, or we can help you to find that perfect permanent home for your dog. Please plan ahead, as we may not be able to assist if only given a few days' notice. ARPH is only able to accept purebred Aussies into the program. 

However, we will discuss all the options to assist you with rehoming your dog.

Dogs may be evaluated for temperament before being taken into the program.




Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. If the question is not applicable, please put either N/A or that you "don't know". The more information you provide on this questionnaire the better we will be able to assist you.

ARPH Online Placement Questionnaire

NOTE: Please keep your answers brief, with a limit of 500 characters per answer
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How long have you owned this dog? Dog's Breeder:
Are any registration papers available? LEP# or ILP# Dog's Registered Name, if available:
If yes, will you provide these to the new owner? Did you sign a contract requiring you to return your dog to the breeder/shelter/private party that you obtained him/her from?
How did you acquire your dog?
Dog's Veterinarian: Vet Phone Number:
Are health records available? If yes, under what name?
Has the dog been Heartworm tested? Is it on Heartworm Preventative?
Does dog have any physical problems? Does the dog have an allergies?
Is the dog on any medications?
If so, what kind?
Where does the dog stay during the day?
Where does the dog stay during the night?
List commands, tricks, skills, etc:
What other animals has this dog lived with?
Does the dog have any of the following habits?
Excessive barking
Jumps Fence
Destructive Chewing
Fights with other dogs
Other Habits?
Has the dog killed or chased other animals? If so, describe:
Has the dog ever bitten a person? If so, describe:
Was bite reported to city or county animal control? Was the dog quarantined?
Does the dog snap or nip at people? What causes this kind of behavior?
Why do you want to place your dog for adoption?
What is the most appealing thing about your dog?
What is its biggest fault?
Do you understand that all dogs we place must be spayed or neutered?


Please read the following carefully.  You must agree to the terms in order to submit the online application.

I/We, am/are the owner(s) of (dog's name (required)), who is the subject of the questions I/we have answered above. I/we am/are making this information available so that Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline, Inc. (ARPH) can help me/us to place my/our dog in a new home, either by listing my/our dog on their internet website, or by formally accepting him/her into ARPH's adoption program. I/we understand that the answers we have given about my/our dog above are very important in this process and that those answers will be relied upon by ARPH in helping and/or placing my/our dog. In particular, we understand that it is most important that we disclose any and all information about any aggressive tendencies or behaviors my/our dog may have shown either toward people or other animals. I/We understand that if we fail to honestly answer these questions or intentionally withhold information about my/our dog, and our dog subsequently causes injury, legal proceedings may be brought against us as a result of those injuries. We also understand that if my/our dog is accepted into the ARPH adoption program, I/we will be giving ARPH permission to do whatever is in the best interests of my/our dog and that ARPH will be the sole owner of the dog and I/we will have no further rights or interest in the dog. Finally, in submitting this form, we release ARPH from any claims by me/us concerning my/our dog.

By clicking "submit," you are confirming that you have read the above carefully, that all the information submitted is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief, and that you agree with the terms stated. The application will be considered to have been received on the date it was transmitted.

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Thank you for contacting Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline, Inc. One of our representatives should be contacting you shortly after receiving your paperwork, If you have not received a response by phone or mail in 14 working days, call 1-877-ARPH-779 or email us. Leave your name, location, phone number, and message. We hope that you will be contacted before this call becomes necessary, and in most cases you will be. However, some of our volunteers handle a great deal of paperwork, and this will ensure yours gets the prompt attention it deserves. We look forward to working with you.