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Below are our available ARPH dogs.
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Sadie ARPH #13962

Sadie is an 8-year-old 45-pound blue merle who has one one of the sweetest dispositions we have ever seen. Her former owner reportedly gave up Sadie to the local shelter because they did not have the money to properly care for her.

Sadie came into ARPH with a skin infection and significant hair loss. Her skin is now in good shape and her hair is growing back nicely. Sadie is house and crate trained. She is reserved but friendly with humans of all ages. She loves hands on attention but has little interest in toys. She does fine with other dogs but prefers her human and sitting in foster’s mom lap. She is fine with the felines but will occasionally chase them if they run. Her favorite activity is snuggling and getting wiggle butt rubs.

Take a look at Sadie in action!

Sadie is good on the leash and knows sit and stay. She is a good traveling passenger too. Sadie needs a quiet structured home with plenty of TLC and continued good nutrition. She would be fine as the only dog where she did not have to share attention.

She is being fostered in Central Indiana.

If you are interested in hearing more about Sadie and are an approved ARPH adopter, please email  

If interested in becoming an approved adopter, the first step is to complete an application.


Watch Austin's video here!

Austin ARPH #13496

Austin is now taking applications for his forever family. That's right - not just any family will do! He will personally read through them all to see if you show promise :)

Austin is a delightful fellow. He has Aussie smarts and Aussie energy. He'll keep up with you all day long and then cuddle next to you while you relax.

Austin is an approximately 5-year-old beautiful 45 pound red merle with big beautiful eyes. One of his eyes looks like your favorite special marble with a distinct line separating the glass blue from the tortoise shell brown.

He has a cute little cropped tail that's easy to dismiss until he's happy and excited - then that tail just flies! I promise it will make you laugh!

Are you sensitive? Are you a quick thinker? Well so is Austin!

Austin has a quick mind. His thoughts can dart around a room and back to square one before you even know it! He would do well enjoying agility challenges and rapid paced obedience commands.

He is a joy and a love and he'll give you a quirky sideways glance with that magic 'marble' eye.

His dream family should include a strong willed woman (he is a ladies man) and a patient man who takes the time to let Austin build a bond. Because of the strong quick bond he forms with the female human of the household... she must know the difference between a dog who's being loving vs a dog who is being needy.A fenced in yard is a requirement as he absolutely loves to run with other dogs. Austin would love to have a confident canine companion.

He has come a long way learning to become a more independent dog and gain confidence from where he started as a shy stray. Luckily he had some good folks and a trainer to help him get there. Austin is being fostered in Central Indiana.

His special family is out there. Are you ready for a boy like Austin? If you are an approved ARPH adopter and interested in Austin, please contact for more information.



If interested in becoming an approved adopter, the first step is to complete an application.