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River's video


  River ARPH #14238

Meet River, a handsome two and a half year old red tri male, on the larger side at about 65 pounds. River rides well in the car, is housebroken and good in a crate, but he has not had to be crated in his foster home. He has yet to meet a person he doesn't like, and he gets along well with the children (ages 6 and 9, who are very dog-savvy) in his foster home. However, given his size, exuberance, and penchant for stealing food, he will not be placed with children under age 9. He is a licker, so the children have had to learn to defend themselves from unwanted kisses.

River tends to want to jump on strangers to say hello and give a kiss, but we are working on that. Approaching people slowly on leash has helped. River will get excited if he sees wildlife and needs to be redirected, so a traditional, securely fenced yard will be required. He does enjoy going out in the field on the long lead and playing with his foster brother Otis, a Labrador mix. Once inside, he settles nicely and is a very calm dog. He will bark if he sees someone walk by or if one of the other dogs in the house barks. At night he sleeps loose and has not had any issues.

River's main problem has been around food. He is a determined, convicted counter surfer and has one of the worst food-stealing habits his foster mom has ever seen. He has been banned from the kitchen for meal prep and mealtime. His only other fault is his dislike of cats, so he will need a home that is without them or other small animals.

River truly is a love and will be a very devoted companion. He just needs someone who can give him some training to help guide him and lead him in the right direction. Could you be that person?

River is fostered near Douglassville, PA. If you are already approved, please contact Kay



  Dianna ARPH #14227

This pretty girl is Dianna, one of Brie's puppies from our summer of puppies. Sweet Dianna is 7 months old and back in our program, through no fault of her own. Sometimes things don't work out, and sometimes adopters don't believe us when we tell them Aussie puppies are ACTIVE puppies.

Dianna is SUPER SMART, her foster mom thinks she will excel at agility. Dianna would also be a terrific hiking partner and she'd love to hang out on the sofa and watch movies with you! She's a little shy at first, but warms up quickly. She currently prefers women to men. This little princess is around 30 lbs and would do best in an active and patient home. She's great with other dogs and can play for hours.

Dianna's mom, Brie is an Aussie, and her dad as we like to say, had great taste! The great thing about pretty Dianna is she has all the Aussie smarts and activity, but NOT the SHEDDING! Her sleek, smooth coat is super soft, which make her especially cuddly.

Only ACTIVE homes should apply. If you think you can give this princess the home she deserves, please submit an adoption application. .

Dianna is being fostered in Williamsburg, VA. For more information, please contact Karen

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