Aussies in Need

The ARPH dogs below are in need of extra support. You can help by donating to the additional costs.

When we commit to a dog that requires special care or surgery, these costs can become exorbitant. Sometimes foster space isn't available, and we may need to board a dog temporarily. All of these costs quickly add up.

Please consider helping us meet the many extraordinary expenses for these Aussies.



Cheyenne ARPH #14562



Would you help us get this adorable girl the procedure she needs?

Cheyenne was born with a severe overbite because her lower jaw is much smaller than her upper jaw. As her baby teeth came in, the canine teeth cut into her jaw causing much discomfort. Her two lower canine baby teeth were removed. Now her adult teeth are coming in and causing the same problem. Cheyenne has been seen by a dental veterinary specialist and is scheduled for a procedure that will cure the problem. She can then be a normal pup and be able to chew and play without pain. Other than that, she is a bouncing bundle of joy just waiting for her home.

Please help us get Cheyenne ready to be adopted and be able to chew and use her little mouth normally.


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