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Sneakers ARPH #13485

Hi, my name is Sneakers but my foster family calls me Snickers, Girlfriend or Snicker Doodle.  I'm not one of those dainty aussie show dogs.  I'm a big, solid working model aussie, a beautiful red-tri complete with a tail - not a really long tail, not a natural bobbed tail, but one just inbetween.

You want a running partner; check.  Someone to follow you everywhere, including into the bathroom; check.  I don't fetch but I love toys and I don't tear them up, a cost savings for you!  I'd probably love hiking, swimming and camping because I love to be outside, preferably near you, but I'll spend some quality time lounging on the lawn or deck if I have to.

I sleep by your side on the floor at night.  I'm crate-trained but prefer not to spend too much time in there, I am house-broken after all.  I know a few commands but you'll need to work on those.  I learn fast, especially if you have some treats.  I love, love, love to go for long walks/jogs. I pull a little but you'll work on that, too, I'm sure.

So far nothing I've met on my walks has surprise me - not skateboards, bicycles, people, dogs, cars, motorcycles.  I don't know about cats and when I walked by the park where the kids were playing I was interested but nothing out of line.

I haven't had much petting or love in my life so when you pet me I get a little excited and do a 'wookie warble' but it's only because I really like you and am just not sure if you like me.  I'll get better with lots of love and time to get used to you touching me.

I'm ready for my forever home. Will it be you?  If you are looking for a doggy girl who likes to grab life by the scruff of the neck and shake it, I'm the dog for you!

If you would like more information about Sneakers, please contact ARPH rep Gail Krueger at ecochick @

If you have not applied to be an adopter with ARPH, please fill out our
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Willow ARPH #13417

Willow is  sweet young pup who is just starting to get the hang of life.  She is currently doing great with a clicker and learning basic obedience.  She is super smart and energetic, and is even starting to learn how to pla fetch!

While she can be a little bossy and headstrong, Willow is slowly learning that listening to people leads to getting rewarded.  She is figuring out that the kennel isn't all that bad, and having to go in at night means sleep and quiet time.  We are also currently working on her fears of exploring the sights and sounds of the suburbs while working on her leash manners.

Unfortunately she does not currently get along with other dogs or kitties.  She needs to be an only dog.  However, she gets super snuggly with her people and sometimes even decides to be a lap dog!

Willow is definitely a 'diamond in the rough' who will shine with someone who has the time, patience and energy to devote to her.

If you would like more information about Willow, please contact ARPH rep Gail Krueger at
ecochick @

If you have not applied to be an adopter with ARPH, please fill out our
adoption application