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Kiitos ARPH #13584


Kiitos is a 9 year old red merle male that is an easy going guy that loves everyone he meets. He recently was diagnosed with a corneal ulcer. Corneal ulcers can be very serious, are painful and require immediate treatment. Kiitos is undergoing treatment from a veterinary ophthalmologist which includes multiple eye drops given several times a day, as well as pain and anti-inflammatory medications by mouth. Sometimes additional procedures are required to help the ulcers heal. All of the medications and procedures are expensive, but are necessary to heal the ulcer and prevent blindness.

Kiitos is a total sweetheart – he allows all those drops to be put in his eye and never complains. Kiitos and all of ARPH would appreciate any donation (no matter how small) to help cover the cost of his treatments. If the funds are not used for Kiitos they will be used for the next dog in need.

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